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Interview from InStyle about

Through his organization, Matt Damon is determined to put an end to the profound crisis that a child under the age of 5 dies every 21 seconds because he or she doesn’t have access to clean water. This crisis affects almost 780 million people worldwide. The charity is dedicated to helping communities in developing countries throughout Africa, the Americas, and South Asia fund projects that provide long-term, sustainable solutions, thereby ending desperate searches for potable water.

We chatted with him inside our TIFF portrait studio about his cause, which he first told us back in January has “helped more than a million people, and we believe we can reach millions more.” Read below for more on his incredible efforts:

You’re able to and you do give back a lot. What was the reason you decided to be a part of
Just looking at issues in this world, water was just such a huge part of the entire problem–water and sanitation. Every 21 seconds a child dies from lack of access to clean water and sanitation. It’s something that’s impossible for us to almost wrap our brains around because we’re never thirsty. We grew up with a kitchen sink being as far as we have to go to get clean water and we all grew up with toilets. Maybe we had grandparents who had to deal with things like that, but for the most part, we don’t have these kinds of problems, so the concept that children are dying by the millions every year is something that a lot of people don’t know. Having been to some of these communities and seeing the way that kids are missing school, I realized that there’s a chance to have a big impact on a lot of people’s lives.

Tell us about about some of the hands-on efforts.
We’re helping people get loans so that they can basically be participants in solving their own problems. We’re able to help a much greater number of people than if we were just drilling wells. About half of water projects historically around the world fail for a whole host of reasons, but with this microfinance piece that we use we’ve actually had incredible success with these loans, and we’ve brought water sanitation to over 3 million people. So it’s a very good start. We have a long way to go but it’s something that we’re really proud of.

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And another portrait of Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain, this one from InStyle Magazine Instagram:

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People Magazine has just released a portrait of Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain from Toronto:

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I’ve added 2 more portraits from the Toronto International Film Festival, where Matt is promoting The Martian.

HQ_013 HQ-001

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Another interview with Matt from Toronto.

The video is autoplay, so, click below to view it, or go to the The Hollywood Reporter Website.

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Interview with Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain about The Martian, via EW:

Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain have starred in two of the biggest science-fiction films of the last year, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and Ridley Scott’s forthcoming The Martian. “Each time I get to do a few more scenes with Jessica. We got 10 minutes in this one,” Damon told JD Heyman when asked about The Martian at the PEOPLE, InStyle and Entertainment Weekly’s photo studio on Friday. “Then hopefully a full film next time.”

Based on the book by Andy Weir, The Martian stars Damon as Mark Whatney, a botanist who gets stranded on Mars after his crew, led by Chastain, leaves him for dead following an accident. As Whatney uses his smarts to survive, his crew and the earthbound NASA scientists devise ways to bring him home.

“When I met the screenwriter, Drew Goddard, he said he wanted the movie to be a love-letter to science,” Damon said. “I think that it is. But I think something both Drew and Andy in the book do really a really good job of is making the science understandable.”

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Last night, Matt and his wife Luciana attended the premiere for The Martian at the Toronto International Film Festival, here are photos, click the thumbs for the HQs!

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Matt attended today during the Toronto Film Festival a press conference for his upcoming film The Martian. He joined his castmates Jessica Chastain, Michael Pena, Kate Mara, Sebastian Stan, Donald Glover, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mackenzie Davis, Sean Bean, Writer Andy Weir, screenwriter Drew Goddard and director Ridley Scott.

You can watch the press conference in the video above. Also, pictures has been added to the gallery.

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Yesterday, 20th Century Fox has unveiled a new viral video that asks if Matt Damon’s cocksure botanist Mark Watney is made of the right stuff. Focusing less on the Ares-3 and its mission on the red planet, today’s footage takes a closer look at the man in the suit, and the rigorous training regime he undergoes to fulfil his dream.

Once complete, Damon’s budding astronaut will enlist alongside his fellow crew mates as they make tracks for Mars, but after touching down on the martian terrain, it isn’t long before all hell breaks loose. When a raging storm comes bearing down from one of the planet’s vast, towering mountain ranges, Ares-3 uproots and abandons its mission, accidentally leaving Watney behind in the process.

Cast astray on the arid, sun-scorched planet, Damon’s character is long presumed dead, though it’s only when he engineers a means of contacting the remainder of the crew that he’s forced to put that rigorous training into practice and, against all odds, carves out a rudimentary existence on Mars while he waits to be rescued.

The Martian will have its theaterical release on October 2, and it will premiere tomorrow on TIFF.

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Producer Frank Marshal has posted the first image of Matt Damon on the set of Jason Bourne 5, or “Untitled Jason Bourne Project” as IMDb is calling it, since there’s no official title yet.

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