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Plans for a fourth “Bourne” movie stalled late last year when director Paul Greengrass walked away from the franchise and star Matt Damon followed, stating he wouldn’t do the sequel with anybody else. But the actor remained hopeful of his participation in the series, telling MTV News in December, “I think it’s going to happen someday.”

Damon continues to see himself in the role, more recently telling Empire that he and Greengrass are “probably another five years away” from the next chapter. But the next installment may be another thing entirely. Damon believes Universal will keep the franchise alive in the meantime with a feature-length flashback.

“There’ll probably be a prequel of some kind with another actor and another director before we do another one,” he told the British magazine while promoting the UK release of “Invictus.”

What such a prequel would consist of is now something for us “Bourne” fans to wonder about. The last film, “The Bourne Ultimatum,” seemed to clear up the character’s origins adequately through flashbacks and exposition. So maybe such a film would follow Jason on his pre-amnesia missions, in which the killing-machine character would be portrayed as more of an anti-hero.

Actually, a “Bourne” prequel seems a lot like “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” to me. Would Danny Huston again take over for Brian Cox? Would we see an early mission including all the Treadstone assassins? Younger actors filling in for Clive Owen, Marton Csokas, Russell Levy and that guy who awkwardly jumps to his death in “The Bourne Idenity”?

Or, maybe it will just be a romantic comedy about the affair between Jason and Nicky (Julia Stiles’ character). I’m really curious how that relationship could have possibly happened, however serious it was, given what we’ve seen of the characters over the course of the trilogy.

Would you be okay with the “Bourn” franchise continuing with a prequel? A Reboot? What would you like to see in a pre-amnesia “Bourne” movie?


Posted by Annie

2 Comments on “‘Bourne’ Franchise May Continue With A Matt Damon-Less Prequel

  1. Anne


    I started to become a Matt Damon fan right after seeing his film Bourne Identity. If he woudn’t be the actor for the prequel, then I think I wouldn’t watch it. Kidding. He’s the only celebrity I am a fan of, actually. 😛 I believe he’s the real Jason Bourne! Haha. Well seriously, I am okay with the prequel. What I like to see in the prequel is Bourne’s pre-amnesia missions. Well I wouldn’t want to see him in a love affair with Nicky cuz he’s mine. LOL

    Woah. I wrote a lot.
    Love Jason! <333

  2. Alyssa

    If they make prequel don’t think I’ll go see it unless matt is in it.I really love the “Bourne” movies and I think Matt does a great job playing Jason.I hope they do another movie soon cause a new book just came out..A bourne book.

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