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Perez is reporting Matt signed for one more Bourne movie.

Read it all here.

Exciting news or what?

Posted by Annie

8 Comments on “Bourne Again

  1. dij

    This is GREAT news! I’d think this would happen after Bourne ultimatum won 3 Oscars! Woo hoo!

  2. dij

    Sorry for the double post…

    It’s also on Variety here:

  3. navaneethan

    it just so great news. after won oscar,this is another big news

  4. lani

    i love bourne trilogy.i hope matt will make the 4th.good luck matt!i can’t wait to see his movie.

  5. Shari

    You did Awesome! in all the Bourne movies
    if you decide to
    that would be awsome to see a 4th movie

  6. Shari

    Matt Now for you as a person you rock dude! your one of my first favorite actors then will smith…what i see in you as a person your real your the real deal quality
    and i know, whos perfect eh but who is ever
    We All have our hangups in this life.
    take care my friend peace out.

  7. Dragongirl

    I Absolutley LOVE the bourne movies!!!


    I want them never to end!

  8. Thierry

    Hi, I am from Belgium.
    I am a huge fan of the Bourne movies.
    I just read that there’s a 4 th Bourne-movie
    coming up, with Matt as Jason Bourne/David Webb… I love it! He’s a fantastic actor
    and I hope that this movie is even better than IDENTITY, SUPREMACY and ULTIMATUM.
    I enjoyed these films very much
    Thank you for the 4 th part!

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